This report represents Deliverable 1.4: Stage 2 Trial Design, Methodology and Business Case. The purpose of this report is to communicate the proposed design of research activities to be conducted in Stage 2 of the project. There are six parts to this report: Part 1: Overview of Stage 2, Part 2: Consumer Uptake Trial, Part 3: Consumer Charging Trial, Part 4: Fleet Study, Part 5: Analytical Tool, Part 6: Commercial Submission. Part 1 provides an overview of the work package and task structure of work to be completed in Stage 2 of the CVEI roject, together with the approach to health and safety, to data privacy and security management. In addition, the dissemination strategy is included, describing the approach for aximising the impact of the project outputs. The proposal for Stage 2 reflects collaborative development involving TRL, Baringa, Element Energy, Cenex, EV Connect, EDF, Behavioural Insights (BIT), Shell and the ETI. The detailed rationale and technical design of each element of the work are presented in Parts 2 to 5. Full details of the project timeline and costs were provided as Part 6 of this deliverable (Commercial Submission), but are not included in this document.

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