In this reinvestment project funded by the TRL Academy a state-of-the-art review and feasibility study of ERS concepts; focusing on ERS implementation from the perspective of a UK road administration was undertaken. This reinvestment project was completed in parallel with the World Roads Association/PIARC funded project ‘Electric Road Systems – A Solution for the Future?’.  

The study had three interlinked phases: 

(1) state-of-the-art review and stakeholder engagement,  
(2) technological and implementation feasibility assessment, and  
(3) cost-benefit analysis for ERS uptake.  

The study adopted a global perspective, engaging with key stakeholder (road administrations, researchers, ERS developers, freight industry) from different countries through an online survey and interviews with relevant experts. This informed the review, highlighting stakeholder views on benefits, limitations and barriers to development/implementation. 

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