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Investigation of road traffic and other incidents demands the highest levels of thoroughness and technical accuracy. We have a track record of offering a responsive service, mobilising expert resources rapidly to gather evidence and provide impartial and clear advice on liability. Our accident reconstruction reports are known to provide clear, balanced and reasoned opinion, as a result of which we have many long standing repeat clients who trust our high calibre team.

With unrivalled experience in all areas of incident investigation, TRL offer a one stop shop for public and private sector clients including solicitors, insurers, police and government bodies in both Criminal and Civil proceedings.

A trusted and credible resource

TRL’s excellent and widely recognised reputation in every transport field makes us a leading choice to conduct investigations that focus on the main issues, thereby providing early and cost-effective advice to inform decisions on liability. We employ some of the industry’s most respected accident reconstruction experts, with reputations known in the legal, police and insurance world.

Expertise in every aspect of transport and technology

The Investigations team sits within the Engineering & Technology division at TRL, which is at the forefront of research into new vehicle technology. This includes carrying out research and providing consultancy advice on cutting-edge new topics such as autonomous vehicles, connected transport and the analysis of on-board electronic vehicle data. Because of TRL’s scale and range of transport expertise, our accident reconstruction team have access to a large range of experts in all aspects of transport research including new technologies, vehicle design, regulations, biomechanics expertise, highways engineering and human factors. We can call on experienced specialists from within our own organisation to contribute niche technical and scientific knowledge where it’s needed.

Clear communication and reporting

We have a particular reputation for producing high quality, concise and clear reports. Our investigations team is long established and we have developed best practice techniques and structures to ensure consistent high standards in every investigation. We have a thorough technical review process to ensure accuracy and independence. During the investigation process, we provide informative and regular updates on progress.

Legal, court and insurance track record

Our accident reconstruction experts are confident and experienced at giving evidence in Civil, Criminal and Coroner’s court proceedings as well as Public Inquiries. TRL experts are world renowned in their field, delivering respected, quality evidence in some of the highest profile cases. A complete list of profiles for the team can be found here.





  • Preliminary advice


All aspects of accident investigation including:

  • Early indication of stance on liability
  • Collision reconstruction
  • Vehicle inspection Scene investigation
  • Interpretation of physical evidence, including road markings, vehicle damage, vehicle position, vehicle motion and impact dynamics.
  •  Preparation of scene plans
  • Surveying and scene plans
  • Driver and vehicle visibility assessments
  • Highway engineering and infrastructure design
  • Seat belt investigation / examination
  • Highway maintenance
  • 'Black box' recorder analysis
  • Performance of safety barriers
  • Tachograph analysis
  • Mechanical vehicle inspections
  • CCTV analysis
  • Vehicle crashworthiness
  • Vehicle identification
  • Vehicle safety systems
  • 3D simulation
  • Seatbelts and injury causation
  • Visualisation
  • Child restraint systems
  • Motorcycle / bicycle helmet inspection and testing
  •  Injury mechanisms and mitigation
  • Child seat inspection and testing
  • Pedestrian impacts, specifically with respect to pedestrian
  • Forensic component analysis
  • Movement and vehicle impact speeds
  • Interpretation and appraisal of findings
  • Human factors, looking at attitudes and behaviour
  • Review of police / other expert reports and findings
  • Single vehicle loss of control (all vehicle types, including motorcycles and commercial vehicles)
  • Preparation of reports
  • Preparation of joint statements
  • Multi-vehicle collisions (all vehicle types, including motorcycles and commercial vehicles)
  • Rollovers


  • Motorsport collisions, including review of track safety and design


  • Laser scanning to measure road environment


  • Computer simulation to provide a 3D visual presentation of analysis results


  • Video and photographic analysis


Our Projects:

Road Accident In-Depth Study (RAIDS)

Department for Transport (UK)

Reduction In Fatal Road Casualties

Surrey County Council

Surrey, UK
Event Data Recorders for road safety

European Commission (DG Move)


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