Climate Change and Sustainability

We help our customers in industry and the public sector create a sustainable future, addressing the challenges of ecological development and climate change. Our approach is to connect the key issues of environment, economy and transport. TRL’s innovative but practical solutions encourage behavioural change that will help safeguard our natural resources.

We have the extensive real world evidence base to support policy development and implementation of sustainable interventions that are safe and economic. We help our customers to address concerns such as carbon reduction, air quality, resource management, noise reduction and climate change adaptation. The TRL team has the experience to translate government objectives and messages into meaningful, achievable solutions for the real world.

Making connections between industry and government

We often act as a broker to promote new government measures, increasing the chances of a sustained impact, when the public sector needs specialist support to engage with industry organisations. From the other viewpoint, we work to advise the government on industry’s real worldviews and experiences. We offer independent, unbiased consultancy services and innovative ideas.

Balanced and independent policy research

Our customers value our insights from independent policy research into sustainable transport. Our work spans all modes, covering movement of people and goods and the impact on efficiency, economy and sustainability. It’s not just about the environment but identifying a balanced, fully sustainable package of solutions that work effectively for both the public and private sectors. We strive to initiate positive changes that lead to improved outcomes.

In support of public sector and industry developments, we can help with campaigning to change consumer behaviour and raise awareness of sustainable transport benefits, for them and the natural world.



From strategy and research to implementation

At TRL we offer support at every stage of the sustainable development process. Our experience includes advising on strategies for the future – maximising efficiency, economy, safety and sustainability. We research and recommend ways to reduce fuel consumption, support low emission vehicles, and reduce the environmental and social impacts of constructing, maintaining and operating transport infrastructure.

We have excellent research capabilities, particularly in obtaining high quality responses from the private sector to help inform policy decisions. We can go on to help develop packages of solutions, test and refine them and then implement them in a way that leads to real sustainable benefits.

Infrastructure and technology expertise

We have deep and specialised knowledge of a wealth of established, current and future approaches and technologies. We understand the challenges and benefits of future fuel, vehicle and infrastructure technology and can recommend mitigating strategies, such as low emission and clean air zones or low carbon materials. With our help, customers can translate innovative and impactful ideas into practical and creative solutions that meet user needs.

Our sustainability work is wide-ranging, with expertise in cycle and pedestrian friendly environments, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems, urban interchanges, air quality and emissions measurement, freight management, construction materials and techniques, recycling and reuse of materials and life cycle analysis.

Our services include:

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