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Digitisation of Transport - Think Different

16 July 2021

Author: Ryan Hood
Pages: 22
Reference: ACA018

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Automation in transport - Leading the UK to a driverless future

14 June 2021

Author: Camilla Fowler
Pages: 25
Reference: ACA017

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New PMD and L-Cat vehicles: market development and road safety risks

01 June 2021

Author: Guy I, Appleby J, Ball P, But B, Chowdhury S, Jenkins D,
Pages: , Obazele I, Radcliffe J, Sharp R, Wardle A

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Off-Highway Automated Vehicles Code of Practice

30 April 2021

Author: Ianto Guy, Rebecca Wilford, Peter Ball, Mark Courtier, Malcolm Palmer, Kirsten Huysamen and Peter Vermaat
Pages: 40
Reference: PPR994

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Relationship between texture depth and collision risk on the Strategic Road Network

30 April 2021

Author: K Fairall, C Wallbank and M Greene
Pages: 54
Reference: PPR995

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Safe performance of other activities in conditionally automated vehicles

29 April 2021

Author: N Kinnear, N Stuttard, D Hynd, S Helman, M
Pages: s

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How many road deaths is too many?

27 April 2021

Author: Caroline Wallbank, Dr. Shaun Helman, Boris But
Pages: 16
Reference: ACA014

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