Many modes of transport must typically co-exist in urban environments. TRL’s expertise helps harmonise their operation to provide an efficient and optimised service and supports decision-making on future investment and development. Our innovation and technical expertise can help you understand how smart technologies can improve efficiency, safety and user experience.

We can help deepen your understanding of how transport systems fit within and enable your city or urban environment - including transport infrastructure and intelligent systems, vehicle capabilities and systems and human needs and behaviours.

Increased urbanisation and congestion

Cities and towns are hubs for commerce, services, leisure and residential development. When they’re popular, they attract more and more users and inhabitants. Transport provision needs to keep ahead of demand. We can help you develop effective policy and programmes to cope with increasing demand and to research and model the future needs of the people and organisations that populate and use your urban environment.

Environmental impact

Maintaining a healthy urban environment and meeting sustainability targets are priorities for town and city planners and governments. With our research expertise, we can help you compare options and identify ways to minimise the environmental impact of the new and existing transport schemes.

Individual or multi-modal expertise

Optimising multimodal transport systems is a big issue for the most crowded and developed urban environments. Prioritisation of shared space, enhancing the customer experience and applying smart technologies means considering the transport ecosystem as a whole. Our strategic expertise means we can help you understand the interplay between different modes and optimise them collectively.

With our specialist knowledge of individual modes, we can equally focus on single urban transport elements to tackle issues of capacity, efficiency, economy or safety.

Impartial evaluation of transport planning proposals

Our team can help cities understand the impact of the new schemes being proposed and developed. Because we’re independent and globally respected, we’re well placed to compare and evaluate options without risk of commercial bias. We draw attention to the key impacts in traffic optimisation, safety, modal integration, usability, sustainability and the environment. We can also help scrutinise business cases, tenders and commercial investment proposals, to help obtain best value and prioritise expenditure based on benefit.

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