Surveys & Investigations

TRL’s Asset Survey team are dedicated to designing, undertaking and analysing data from Infrastructure Asset surveys and investigations.

With a particular emphasis on pavements and highways, our team are experienced in undertaking projects at all scales from traffic speed network level surveys to scheme level structural investigations.

We have the broadest in-house capabilities in the country meaning that we have the expertise and equipment to undertake all works within one organisation. The team are able to call on the support of various in-house experts as required. These experts include electronics and mechanical engineers to support the function of the equipment. Within our team of researchers and engineers, we have individuals responsible for developing algorithms for data analysis, writing technical standards, auditing accreditation trials and quality assurance and individuals whose active field of research is infrastructure assessment.


Structural investigation

The TRL team and experienced in undertaking structural investigation of concrete and masonry structures such as bridges, tunnels, buildings and floors. We are able to offer a wide range of non-destructive and intrusive survey and monitoring services tailored to each project.


Services include:

Ground Penetrating Radar
• Covermeter
• Ultrasonic
• Half-cell potential
• Concrete testing
• Drilling, coring and breakout 


Traffic speed and network survey

Traffic speed surveys are traditionally used in order to gain an overview of the highway construction and/or condition quickly. As technology has developed, the level of detail that can be acquired at traffic speed has improved. This means that in some situations traffic speed works can replace slow speed works and remove the need for traffic management closures completely.

Surveys are typically undertaken at traffic speed amongst live traffic without the need for traffic management. Vehicles are compliant with Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8. Surveys of outer lanes will be in accordance with the latest draft of an Interim Advice Note regarding traffic-speed surveys of outer lanes. Hard shoulder surveys can be undertaken at 15-20 mph under the protection of an IPV (impact protection vehicle).

On-board systems include high accuracy GNSS (global navigation satellite system), IMU (inertial measurement unit) and DMI (distance measurement instrument) for detailed positional control.


Our team have undertaken traffic speed surveys using a wide range of techniques for various Client’s around the world. Techniques include:


Scheme investigation

TRL are highly experienced in designing and delivery effective Scheme investigations. We are able to advise or design testing schedules that will allow the cause of defects to be understood and remedied without excessive or needless testing.

Services include:


Smart motorway pavement surveys

TRL have successfully completed pavement surveys specifically designed for Smart Motorway schemes. We understand the challenges facing the designers and contractors and have developed methodologies to enable effective and efficient delivery of high quality data.

Our approach has been developed to combat many of the issues that we regularly see through the project delivery lifecycle. For example there are opportunities for increased use of existing datasets, use of specialist knowledge in specifying data capture works, improved requirement specification (in terms of coverage and methods) and better consideration of referencing systems and data handover.

Services include:


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