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Using bus drive cycle data as performance evidence for low emission systems

Calculating the best route for an electric bus

18 September 2020

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Smarter Travel Technology Review for Investment DEcisions (STTRIDE)

Welcome to the project page for STTRIDE.

07 September 2020

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Connected Data for Effective Collaboration (CoDEC)

2020 Location: Europe Client: CEDR

17 August 2020

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DigiCar Validation Study

TRL is currently undertaking a validation study of its DigiCar driving simulator...

17 August 2020

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EU General Safety Regulation

TRL's Experience Developing the EU General Safety Regulation and the Pedestrian ...

17 July 2020

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FUTRAN Joint Venture on SPaTS2

TRL, Arcadis and Pell Frischmann have formed the FUTRAN Joint Venture to deliver...

30 June 2020

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Nepal Modular Bridges

An earthquake in 2015 damaged many bridges in Nepal. In 2016 UKaid funded a proj...

09 March 2020

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Enhanced Truck Front End Designs (TFED) in Europe from Sept 2020

Analysis by TRL has enabled ground-breaking legislation to be passed regarding E...

04 March 2020

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Rural Access Index (RAI)

The Rural Access Index (RAI) was originally developed as a poverty indicator for...

21 February 2020

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Decision support tools for embedding climate change thinking on roads (DeTECToR)

Decision support tools for embedding climate change thinking on roads (DeTECToR)...

17 January 2020

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