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Overseas Road Notes - the series

Links to all the Overseas Road Notes published by TRL

15 December 2021

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SHARP 2025 Project

Motorcyclists represent the most vulnerable transport mode in Great Britain, wit...

09 September 2021

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UK Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Project

A study into a nationwide deployment of hydrogen freight vehicles and associated...

02 August 2021

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MOLE trials of conductive EV charging

Preparing to expand the UK’s EV charging infrastructure using innovative autonom...

02 August 2021

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ZERFT - ElectroRoad

A comprehensive study of an innovative Electric Road System applied to 44t Heavy...

30 July 2021

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Asphalt Research Collaborative Programme

A library of all the research produced by TRL for The Asphalt Research Collabora...

07 July 2021

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Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning (DDAW) systems

TRL supports the European Commission in developing the technical requirements f...

31 March 2021

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Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial

Welcome to the project dissemination page for the Low Emission Freight and Logis...

10 February 2021

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Code of Practice for the Operation of Automated Off-highway Vehicles

The aim of this project is to develop a draft Code of Practice for the Operation...

04 December 2020

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Endeavour autonomous vehicle trials

TRL's role in the project is developing a consistent method for safety assurance...

02 December 2020

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