Pedestrian impactors (Legform and Flex PLI)

TRL produce, sell and maintain pedestrian impactors (Upper Legform and Lower Legform) which are used to test the potential injury consequence should a vehicle collide with a pedestrian.

The Legform was created as a result of TRL being a member of the European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee (EEVC) Working Groups WG10 and WG17.  We helped develop pedestrian test methods used for type approval in UN Regulation 127, UN GTR No. 9, by the European Union in Regulation (EC) No 78/2009, and in various national regulations.

Legform impactors are used for vehicle safety research, vehicle development, consumer information (e.g. Euro NCAP) and as type-approval tools.  Typically, they are fired into a stationary vehicle at speeds up to 40 km/h.


TRL Legform impactors have sensing capabilities that deliver high quality data.  Flex PLI are the successors to Legform.

TRL supply  Legform and Flex PLI impactors, and their related consumables.  We also service and certify these products, and provide rigs for in-house servicing and calibration. 

To order parts, please refer to the Upper Legform Components List and Full Legform Components List and then either call 01344 770807 or email for pricing.

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