ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme is a free scheme that aims to help fleet operators improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions whilst achieving cost savings.

ECO Stars was originally set up in South Yorkshire in 2009 to tackle local air quality issues caused by transport, focusing on HGVs, buses, coaches and vans.  Fleet operators made great progress in reducing  their environmental impact, and wanted recognition for their efforts, but at the same time access to expert and practical advice on how to make further improvements.  As a result ECO Stars was born.

ECO Stars is managed by our TRL Freight and Fleet experts on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC).

Since the scheme’s conception in 2009 TRL now manage and operate over 26 schemes in the UK, including dedicated schemes for taxis and private hire vehicles.

ECO Stars has been adopted by many other council areas in the UK including West Yorkshire, Edinburgh and our newest scheme Newport in Wales. In total, the individual schemes have more than 500 members with 14, 000+ vehicles.

Any fleet regardless of size can join.

There are many benefits to membership, these include

  • Cost savings of up to £2,450 per vehicle* - for an operator with 10 vehicles this equates to a saving of one tanker of fuel!
  • Improved fuel efficiency – by as much as 5%
  • Access to expert advice – TRL have a dedicated team of fleet specialists who can give you practical guidance and advice
  • Improve your green credentials Membership will help you be recognised as an environmentally responsible fleet operator, not only by other operators but customers and the wider community.

Check ECO Stars membership leaflet

Also you can join ECO Stars by calling 01344 77700 or contact us and one of our fleet specialists will get back to you and talk you through the simple application process.

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