What we do and why

The Academy’s work is vital for the development of evidence-based solutions and new insights into the ever changing and demanding transport landscape. Our ability to generate and apply this knowledge not only helps to shape and define the future of transport, but also enables us to address and solve complex transport challenges for our clients.

A challenging approach

TRL’s Academy provides positive market disruption. Through the creation and delivery of high impact knowledge, innovation, insight and expertise, we challenge the norms and traditional practice of both the transport industry and research communities.

Supporting excellence throughout TRL

Our people are critical to the process of discovery and innovation. Through the Academy we facilitate career progression for TRL employees by proactively encouraging inventive thinking and supporting their academic studies. Academy investment in our people means that our clients benefit from pioneering, industry-leading and evidence-based research.

Looking to the future of transport science

TRL’s Chief Scientists share their thoughts on healthy mobility and the need for cleaner and safer transport solutions in the future.


The future of our UK infrastructure and how it will need be tailored to accommodate changes in transport.


How technology is transforming the mobility landscape and consider the future challenges that it will present.


Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director at TRL looks towards a future of the transport network that is safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible for all.


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