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Academy funding

TRL’s Academy work is supported by internal and external funding programmes. TRL’s parent body, the Transport Research Foundation (TRF) is a non-profit Scientific Research Association, which uses the income from its investment in TRL to fund an annual programme of research. 

This means we are eligible for UK research and innovation funding, participating in cross-cutting, interdisciplinary research as full partners in collaborative projects. TRL also participates in EC framework programmes - such as Horizon 2020 - as an independent research organisation.

Academic research and study

The TRL Academy is currently funding and supervising PhD and EngD programmes with the University of Southampton, University of Warwick, Royal Holloway and University of London. The Academy has also recently formed an alliance with the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to build our capabilities in this exciting and critical area of development for the transport sector.

Joint working relationships

Through the Academy we foster links with universities, research institutes and other academic and professional institutions. This strengthens our research and its applications. It also encourages exchange relationships for staff, shares cross-institutional expertise and develops new perspectives.

As an Affiliated Research Centre to the Open University, we recruit, supervise and conduct examinations for internal and external candidates pursuing research degrees.

Supporting knowledge creation and transfer

Highlights from the CIHT and TRL Learned Society Event 2017, discussing the practical implications of automated vehicles.

Professor Nick Reed, Academy Director at TRL, provides an over view of the GATEway project and Lola Fernandez-Redondo, Head of Integrated Planning and the Built Environment at DG Cities, discusses the implications for AVs in smart cities.

Rama Gheerawo, Director, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design on Public perception of autonomous vehicles.

Dr Graeme Smith, CEO, Oxbotica on guiding automated vehicles in complex urban environments.

Panellists from the GATEway consortium on the topic of automated vehicles:
Prof. Nick Reed – Academy Director, TRL
Dr Graeme Smith, CEO, Oxbotica
Rama Gheerawo, Director, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Filmed and edited by Vesio Productions https://www.vesio.uk/

More about the GATEway project: https://gateway-project.org.uk/

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