• HD maps for Connected and Automated Driving

    Stakeholder consultation on the integrity and reliability of HD maps for Connected and Automated Driving

Objective of the study

Digital maps are an essential building block for safe Connected and Automated Driving (CAD). A standard digital map used in automotive applications contains mostly geospatial information. Unlike these maps, which are in wide use for turn-by-turn navigation, for CAD there is a need for more sophisticated maps, known as High-Definition (HD) or 3D maps. These maps have a very high precision level and contain many different types of information.

Position and navigation information is another key aspect of safe CAD, interconnected with the topic of HD maps. Currently the role of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for HD maps is to provide accurate positioning, relative to the HD maps; in future the GNSS may be crucial for stand-alone navigation or cooperative navigation with other road users. The relationship between HD maps and GNSS is evident; without accurate signals on a trustworthy map, there is no precise positioning and navigation. However, even if the GNSS signals are integer and reliable on their own, the position and navigation information they provide on the map cannot be considered as such, if the map on which they are used, is not reliable and integer itself. This co-dependency creates the necessity to analyse the questions of integrity and reliability of HD maps for CAD in conjunction with GNSS.

Naturally, the concepts of reliability and integrity of HD maps go beyond GNSS and other sources of data need to be considered. In fact, one of the biggest challenges related to HD maps is the amount of types and formats of data used in the maps, as well as its sources, and the lack of a consistent way of treating it.

Overall, there are many challenges in the current HD maps environment, and many of them are stemming from a lack of clarity and certainty, therefore investigating the concepts of integrity and reliability of HD maps for CAD, along with their minimum requirements, is an overarching goal of this study.

As a preparation for the study, in December 2018 the European Commission (EC) and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) organised a public consultation on integrity and reliability of digital maps. The results of the consultation have confirmed that there is demand for clear and shared understanding of integrity and reliability of HD maps in the context of CAD. This study is a continuation of the previous public consultation, and the online questionnaire will form the basis for further stakeholder engagement and consultation to address the aforementioned goals.

Potential benefits for the participants

During the initial public consultation, over 95% of the participants expressed desire for these aspects of HD maps to be investigated further. The consultation also demonstrated a shortage of mechanisms to guarantee the quality of data used in the HD maps, and, related to it, the issues of responsibility and liability.

By participating in this study, the research participants will potentially benefit from:

  • Contributing, along with other industry members, to the future strategy for HD maps
  • Better understanding of the topic areas (the 10 points listed below) and strategic development opportunities
  • Shared understanding of the best practices that might impact the future standards and regulations in the HD maps value chain

General information for the participants

This online questionnaire is created by the Transport Research Laboratory Ltd (TRL) as part of an independent investigation for the European Commission (EC).

The questionnaire is made up of 10 sections (38 questions) in total:

  1. Concept of HD Maps for use in CAD (9 questions);

  2. The relationship between GNSS and HD maps for CAD (4 questions);

  3. Challenges and current solutions to managing the quality of HD maps (1 question);

  4. Performance parameters related to integrity and reliability of HD maps (3 questions);

  5. Current understanding and approach to the integrity and reliability of HD maps by relevant stakeholders (1 question);

  6. Nature of the HD maps industry ecosystem (6 questions);

  7. Current approach to data governance (1 question);

  8. Level of responsibility throughout the map production chain and current liabilities (3 questions);

  9. Current legal frameworks (4 questions);

  10. Existing level of standardization (ongoing work); Other procedures used to monitor and assure the integrity and reliability of HD Maps (6 questions).

The number of questions for any participant depends on the stakeholder group they represent. If you wish to answer all the questions regardless, please use group 1.

Stakeholder Groups



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Group 1

  - Navigation software/ Map provider

  - Automated Driving System provider

  - Mobility service

  - Academy


Group 2

  - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

  - Automotive supplier


Group 3

  - Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provider


Group 4

  - Regulator

  - Standards Developing Organisation (SDO)


Please note that your contribution to this questionnaire will not be financially rewarded.The questionnaire is estimated to take about 15 to 40 minutes to complete (depending on the stakeholder group).

You can interrupt the questionnaire at any time by clicking the ‘Save and Continue Later’ button at the bottom of each page. This will automatically create a link to it, which you will receive via e-mail (please check your spam folder, if you do not see it).

Please note that the results will be anonymised and that your contact details will not be shared. You can choose if you want to be contacted (or not) in the future, with further questionnaires and/or with the results of this study. In completing this questionnaire, confidentiality of the information will be up held. Collection and retention of responses is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act and TRL’s ISO 27001 (Information Security) certification requirements. Further information on how we protect and use the information can be found Here (Privacy Notice).   

We would like to receive the replies by 24th January 2020. We will be sending a reminder a week before the deadline. If you have any questions regarding the project or the questionnaire, please write to hd_maps@trl.co.uk.

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