Fatal velodrome incident case review

The story of a cyclist who lost his life as a result of injury in a velodrome crash that was not his fault. TRL investigated. The solicitors did too.

Published on 27 October 2021

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The TRL Accident & Investigations team work on many high profile cases.  Sometimes these cases take years to get to court.  In a recent article, TRL described the technical work they did as part of a fatal incident in a velodrome in 2012.  Cycle SOS, who represented the injured cyclist, have now also published an account of the same case. It's fascinating to read the two side by side.

It’s interesting to read the Claimant’s story from the perspective of their legal team, who undertook painstaking research to find the origin of the ban on dual coloured tyres on velodromes in the UK . The scientific nature of our instructions means we seldom have time to appreciate the efforts of the wider team representing our litigation clients, though we were very aware of the parallel studies conducted by Cycle SOS on this occasion. 

Gaining a personal insight into the whole strategy of a claim can influence our technical approach, and the assistance we are able to offer. As part of a much larger organisation, the Investigation Team at TRL can draw on a much wider range of technical knowledge and expertise than the majority of our competitors, as was the case here.

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