Greg Morosiuk appointed as Chairman of HDMGlobal

Greg Morosiuk, Senior International Consultant at TRL and lead specialist on HDM-4 has been appointed as Chairman of HDMGlobal.

Published on 12 August 2020

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Greg Morosiuk, Senior International Consultant and lead specialist on HDM-4 has been appointed as Chairman of HDMGlobal. The board is responsible for the development and management of HDM-4, encouraging adoption and use of HDM-4 applications and features around the globe. Greg will be in post until July 2021.

HDM-4 is a software package with associated documentation which serves as the primary tool for the analysis, planning, management and appraisal of road maintenance, improvements and investment decisions. It is used primarily for strategic planning, road work programming, project analysis, and supporting research activities.

“I’m delighted to take the role of Chairman at HDMGlobal” said Greg. “I’ve had the privilege of seeing at first hand the impact of the HDM system, particularly in developing countries where the roads infrastructure is the backbone of their economic success, making a tangible difference to the quality of life for millions of people. I look forward to leading the organisation’s team who are dedicated to building and managing better roads everywhere”.

Greg has spent his whole career at TRL, working on a variety of problems in developing countries concerned with road performance and deterioration, the interaction between road condition and vehicle operating costs, whole life costing and road investment generally. He has worked in some 40 countries all over the world, from the Caribbean, throughout Africa to the Far East, largely making his mark on the implementation of Road Asset Management Systems for road agencies to better manage their road networks.

Used extensively around the globe, the IP for HDM-4 was created and is owned by The World Road Association (PIARC). Management, development, marketing, sales and support of HDM-4 Version 2 is delivered by HDMGlobal, an international consortium , of which TRL is a member.

Since 2005 Greg has been closely involved in the development and management HDM-4 as the TRL representative on the HDMGlobal management board, and is responsible for all HDM-4 initiatives at TRL.

“TRL are immensely proud of Greg’s appointment“ said Peter Langdale, Chief Scientist at TRL. “His Chairmanship is appropriate recognition of his contribution to the HDM-4 solution, and his life-long professional dedication to the improvement of road networks throughout the world. Greg continues the legacy of the 87 year old Transport Research Laboratory whose aims are in perfect alignment with the societal benefits delivered by HDM-4”. 

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