The Belize Road Safety Project, in which TRL is a delivery partner, has received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its outstanding contribution to road safety.

Established by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in Belize in 2013, the Belize Road Safety Project sought to drive a reduction in injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic collisions along the demonstration corridor between Belize City and Belmopan.

The project consisted of an analysis of existing road safety procedures in the region, followed by the recommendation and implementation of a number of safe system interventions to improve road safety. This included the introduction of warning signals for drivers at night, patrol and emergency vehicles on highways and the development of a road safety curriculum for schools and teachers.

Prior to the interventions, the demonstration corridor accounted for almost 50% of all road traffic deaths in the country of Belize. At the end of December 2015 less than 10% of road deaths occurred on this corridor.

The Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards recognise exceptional achievement in road safety and are presented to the most outstanding road safety initiatives across the world.  The award was presented to the Belize Road Safety Project through the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Works in Belize by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent at an award ceremony at The Savoy in London on the 13th December.

TRL has long been recognised for its work in improving road safety and has received no fewer than eight Prince Michael Road Safety Awards, plus one highly commended recognition. Prior to this year’s ceremony, the most recent award was received in 2015 for TRL’s research underpinning Off Side Signs Removal (OSSR), a signing technique for road works which has enabled elimination of live carriageway crossings by road workers.

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