TRL is leading a PIARC special project reviewing different types of Electric Road Systems (ERS, also known as dynamic on-road charging technologies) and evaluating their potential economic, social and environmental impacts.

The study aims to provide road administrations with a better understanding of ERS and their potential to support low carbon road transport. Dynamic ERS enables electric vehicles to charge as they travel, thereby mitigating concerns about access to charging points and limited battery range.

Commenting on the project, Dr Damien Bateman, a Senior Pavement Engineer at TRL, said: “We have all this exciting technology coming into to the transport sector, which is set to revolutionise the way we travel on a daily basis, but it is vital that we also consider how this technology will be integrated into the current infrastructure.

“It is with projects of this type that we will evaluate the technical feasibility of the dynamic on-road charging solutions being proposed, looking at their impact on infrastructure, safety, environmental issues, as well as market readiness.”

Another aspect of the project will be to explore the implementation of these projects in countries with varying degrees of technological capability. The final report will provide road authorities with information and recommendations to inform their strategy in providing a low carbon road transport network, meaning road authorities in all countries can decide on the appropriate provisions for integrating ERS technology on their network.

As part of this project, TRL is carrying out a survey of technology manufacturers, researchers, road administrations, freight operators and energy providers. The survey will gather information and perspectives on the development and implementation of electric road systems. To participate please complete the online survey by 26th May 2018

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