• National clean air day

The need to raise air quality standards is high in public consciousness, as is evident with the emergence of initiatives such as National Clean Air Day (21st June), and reflected in the volume of emissions reductions initiatives taking place across the UK.

TRL has conducted emissions analysis across a number of national and international governmental bodies. This includes consultancy for the Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial, which will see vans go electric and lorries run on hydrogen or biomethane dual fuel as part of a government programme to cut emissions and improve air quality.

Our work to monitor emissions within Putney high street, a particularly polluted London hot spot, has shown that Transport for London’s (TfL) introduction of a clean bus zone has delivered substantial air quality improvements in the area.

As new technologies and models are developed, our work shows that market surveillance has a key role to play in emissions reduction, and its ability to deliver real-world air quality analysis to assess the performance and environmental impact. It is vital that low emission solutions put in place are evaluated in order to inform smart investments and policy decisions in the future

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