• Dr Paul Jackson - Police Federation Conference

The Police Federation annual conference brings 43 forces throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland together, to share best practice and debate issues affecting policing. The conference sessions were focused on the current realities that the police force face on a daily basis including the crisis in detective policing, police welfare, importance of neighbourhood policing and issues around stop and search.

TRL’s very own Dr Paul Jackson, Head of Impairment Research, shared his expertise on fatigue in the police force. Here’s a snippet of his session exploring police welfare and demand:

Fatigue in our forces is a serious issue that mustn’t be ignored. Emphasising that it is more than police officers feeling a bit tired, but the consequence this has on their cognitive performance for example; impairing their decision making and reducing their alertness. These are all exacerbated by factors common in policing such as shift work, extended working days and interrupted sleep patterns. Read the full session summary

Alongside Dr Paul Jackson were Jayne Willetts, Roads Policing Lead and Adrian Smiles, Health and Safety Portfolio at the Police Federation of England and Wales, who shared intriguing research into the insufficient capacity to meet policing demands and welfare.  The federation currently is pushing for a national policy on fatigue to be created and wants a cultural shift away from the idea that fatigue is just part of the job. View the survey

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