What the pilot involves

We are looking for employers with young, male drivers who undertake regular driving in light goods vehicles or cars during work, with significant mileage on motorways and major roads.

TRL will work with employers to recruit individual staff to participate in the pilot. We aim to recruit 8-16 staff per employer, 80-160 drivers in total.

The selected drivers will undertake the following activities over an 8 week period before the end of April: 

  • A 90 minute, interactive workshop exploring close following behaviour – the triggers, consequences, and potential coping mechanisms.
  • Receive supporting communications packs and texts designed to remind of and prompt the desired behaviour, as well as record progress.
  • A 50 minute teleconference at the end of the trial, reviewing how drivers found it and exploring progress in their own close following behaviour. 


Benefits for employers

  • Safer driving conditions for your staff & other local drivers
  • Reduced risk of road accidents involving your staff and associated costs
  • Practical advice & measures for reducing tailgating that can be used with other staff following pilot completion
  • Brand benefits by participating in a charity funded road safety project

After the pilot, TRL will analyse all data collected from drivers, we will then provide a report to the Road Safety Trust, evaluating the pilot’s effectiveness. The report will also be sent to participating employers, individual drivers will be welcome to receive copies on request.

To register your interest and to participate in this free trial please contact Steve Willis, swillis@trl.co.uk, or Samantha Jones, sjones@trl.co.uk, T: 01235 911016 

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