Work by TRL, which led to the implementation of hazard perception testing in the GB driving theory test, has won the Prince Michael Premier Award for International Road Safety. The work, funded by the Department for Transport was undertaken by TRL and several other organisations (the then Driving Standards Agency, The National Foundation for Educational Research, and The University of Reading) as part of the TRL Behavioural Studies Programme throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The announcement of the award was made yesterday at the Annual Awards Ceremony which this year was held at the Savoy Hotel, London.

Announcing his Premier Award winner Prince Michael said: “I know that young driver safety is a high priority especially here in Europe and I also know that many organisations are struggling to find effective and acceptable ways of reducing the risk that these young people face. Even small reductions in risk help; however there is one educational initiative which has been with us for a few years but which has been proved to reduce risk by a remarkable ELEVEN per cent – There are many people here today who played important roles in the development and implementation of this outstanding initiative and I would like to congratulate the team behind the UK’s Hazard Perception Test for such a significant achievement.”

The video hazard perception test, which has been implemented in GB since 2002, was shown in the COHORT II study of learner and novice drivers to be associated with a fall in novice driver collisions. Since its implementation, the test is estimated to have prevented collisions valued at close to £1billion (using DfT monetary figures for lost economic output, human and medical costs associated with road casualties, and the police, insurance and damage costs associated with accidents).

Other countries are now beginning to consider hazard perception testing as part of their licensing, and are learning from the experience GB has in this area.

TRL’s Chief Executive Rob Wallis said: “We are delighted to have won this Premier Award. The TRL-led team was competing against some compelling initiatives from Australia, Middle East and Europe but the work has won through due to the innovation and robust research underlying an intervention that really has helped to save lives, especially amongst the young driving community.”

Dr Graham Grayson, who oversaw the development of the hazard perception test while working at TRL in the 1990s and early 2000s said: “It is fantastic that the hazard perception test has been recognised for its application of good quality research, and the impact it has had on road safety in Great Britain.”

Dr Grayson collected the award along TRL’s Rob Wallis, Dr Shaun Helman, Professor Andrew Parkes, Tim Strong, and Lorna Pearce, and by representatives from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and Department for Transport.

TRL has been working in road safety for decades, providing successful interventions in the UK and internationally. This is the seventh Prince Michael Award TRL has been fortunate enough to win.

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