TRL provided iMAAP for advanced crash data analysis with GIS, meeting the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport ’s need for better information without the time, risk and expense of developing its own solution from scratch.

Successful, on-time deployment
Extra project phase commissioned

The challenge

The Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMAT) needed better information about road crashes, so it could monitor trends and plan the most effective safety improvements. iMAAP was a proven solution, but it needed customising to meet local requirements.

Our approach

iMAAP’s innovative and research-driven capability made it a perfect fit for the advanced reporting and analysis requirements. To implement it, we worked with cross-disciplinary teams from DMAT divisions and external stakeholders to develop data interfaces, user requirements and final software acceptance.

TRL delivered iMAAP in a sophisticated GIS and IT environment that met stringent DMAT IT security requirements.

The results

DMAT can now systematically plan road safety work. It can prioritise based on hazardous trends, monitoring road safety performance and strategies. The result is an improvements in road safety in Abu Dhabi.

To enhance the solution, in 2013, DMAT asked TRL to add the iMAAPMobile multiplatform (iOS, Android) component to the solution. This allowed DMAT to capture site-specific data and conduct site surveys using the iMAAPMobile form builder.

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