TRL is a key partner in this international multi-stakeholder initiative, linking land transport with international climate changes policy development.

10,000 number of website hits per month

The challenge

The emphasis of the work is to bring the transport and climate change communities closer together, highlighting the need for sustainable low carbon transport in developing countries and following the evolving UNFCCC (United Nations Convention on Climate Change) policy directions.

Our approach

TRL has attended numerous UNFCCC and liaison events. To contribute to Bridging the Gap, we have input to the UNFCCC negotiating text and organised expert workshops, side events and an annual Transport Day. Strategy papers, fact sheets and newsletters have aided understanding and communication among the parties.

We played a key role in creating technical reports such as the review of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and Climate Finance. TRL experts have presented at major events including the UNFCCC climate summits.

The results

TRL managed a high traffic website providing public and professional information about the Bridging the Gap initiatives. With the wide range of our work, we have adopted a leading international role in addressing the climate change challenges faced by the land transport sector.”

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