A review of content in Chapter 8 Part 3 was recently undertaken by Highways England. This process was completed by a review group which contained specialists in the fields of Chapter 8, Road Worker Safety and Health & Safety. The review was further informed by wider comments and feedback from stakeholders and industry.  

The review identified a number of areas were Chapter 8 Part 3 could be strengthened and improved, with a range of text amendments proposed which  sought to address road worker safety concerns, make clearer what is considered as good practice and consolidate the improvements in road works safety that have been developed.  The review process has resulted in over sixty suggested text amendments to the technical content within Chapter 8 Part 3. Other amendments to address formatting issues (such as page numbering and diagram clarity) have been noted and will be addressed when the document is republished following this consultation of suggested text amendments.

The links below provide three documents for input on the consultation:

  1. The suggested text amendments (PDF) (link)

  2. The spreadsheet containing initial consultation feedback (PDF) (link)

  3. Comments log for consultee feedback (Excel) (link)

Your comments and feedback are now sought on the suggested text amendments to ensure that they have addressed the issues which gave rise to industry feedback. In addition, feedback is requested on topics that may have been missed, and sections which are unclear.

Please could you provide views on the suggested amendments via the Excel document and any omissions to rowsaf@trl.co.uk by Monday 31 July 2017.

Given the importance of this issue, the consultation will run for three weeks but will NOT be extended beyond the closing date due to the wish to publish an updated version of Chapter 8 Part 3 as soon as possible. It would be very much appreciated if comments could be returned by all vTPB members, including ‘no comment’ responses where appropriate, to ensure the widest possible feedback is obtained on this important piece of industry guidance.

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