We are leading this exciting £8million project that aims to understand how automated vehicles can fit into our future urban mobility needs, and the barriers we must overcome before these vehicles become a reality on our roads. Our work has established a London centre of expertise for automated transport – UK Smart Mobility Living Lab

The challenge

The project will demonstrate the safe and efficient integration of sophisticated automated transport system into a real world urban environment. We seek to understand the challenges and barriers to automated vehicles from a technical, cultural, societal and legal perspective.

Through our learning and development in this field we aim to inspire and engage the public with the potential of automated transport technology. 

Our approach

GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment) brings together a wealth of knowledge from leading technology companies and academic institutions to help us deliver a truly innovative and exciting project.

The research is carried out in TRL’s own state-of-the-art UK Smart Mobility Lab in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, where we test and validate automated and driverless vehicles and technologies.

‘Automated vehicles will revolutionise the way in which we move people, goods and services around urban areas with predicted benefits to safety, efficiency, the environment and mobility.’ – Professor Nick Reed, Director at TRL and GATEway Technical Lead.

The results

The project will generate valuable, exploitable knowledge of the systems and technology needed to operate and integrate automated transport in a complex, city environment. Through this project we have already created a centre of expertise for automated transport right in the heart of London, generating jobs and investment in this rapidly emerging technology area.  

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