We are leading this project and working with research and academic experts from across Europe to understand traffic management measures from a human perspective. The resulting guidance will be widely available to those who shape the future of roads across Europe.

The challenge

Existing traffic management measures have been analysed and reviewed from the perspective of human needs and behaviour. Our research will push our existing measures to be more effective and create a framework that emphasises the importance of human factors considerations in highway traffic management.

Working closely with expert teams from Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands, the project has benefited from the assimilation of all our learning and experience in the implementation of new safety measures in Europe.

Our approach

The research team combines expertise in the fields of traffic management, human behaviour, cost benefit analysis and driving simulation technology.

Together we’ll analyse the effectiveness of current measures and review best practice across Europe.

We’ll obtain the latest data from state-of-the-art driving simulators.  Using this technology we can test new traffic management techniques that inform the driver using in vehicle displays and explore the concept of gamification as a new field of research. 

The results

The results will be made available to traffic management professionals and the wider scientific community to ensure a lasting legacy and benefit from the project.

We’ll produce a useful guidance booklet as an output from the project. This will be a practical document containing information, tips and tricks about traffic management from a human perspective.

We will also share our knowledge about the use of simulator technology as a new and exciting method for researching human behaviour for future transport studies.

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