We were commissioned to conduct extensive pavement testing surveys and analysis to support Area 7’s road renewals programme. The insights from our work support decision making on priorities and projects for the entire road renewal programme.

40 Investigations took place across major roads
HD 29/08
All surveys and tests carried out in accordance with
Laboratory tests conducted

The challenge

We needed to assess the condition of the pavements on significant stretches of the UK road network, including the M1, M6, A1, A5, A42, A45 and A46. All our surveys and tests had to be carried out in accordance with HD 29/08, and with minimal disruption to road users. 

Our approach

We conducted over 40 investigations across the network using a variety of techniques. On the ground we carried out detailed visual condition surveys, deflectograph testing and traditional physical walked assessments. We used video recording and footage taken at traffic speed to collect data when walked surveys were not suitable and it wasn’t possible to close roads or lanes.

We took samples through coring and excavation methods from hundreds of test points across northbound and southbound carriageways, as well as the hard shoulder.

We then carried out significant materials testing in our UKAS accredited laboratory – examining samples for ITSM, density, composition, PAH and compressive strength. 

"It is always a pleasure to work with TRL. They are a great team of engineers, always committed to providing technical excellence on time and to budget. Moreover, their fantastic personalities and positive attitude towards clients make them very easy to work with. Their minds are full of ideas for alternative and innovative solutions. TRL is a service provider we can always fully rely on." Kris Hunik, Roads Value Management Team Leader

The results

The findings from the comprehensive study enabled our client to obtain a detailed picture of the condition of pavements across major sections of their road network in Area 7. The information TRL gathered, analysed and reported will help them to make informed decisions for their road renewals programme and support improvements and initiatives.

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