Smarter Travel Technology Review for Investment DEcisions (STTRIDE)

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Published on 07 September 2020

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About the project:

The STTRIDE project will address how best to use technological advances to deliver positive modal shift. Technology innovation provides an opportunity for significant change in traveller behaviour without necessarily requiring major infrastructure investment or legislative intervention. The pace of change means that it could be a challenge for road and transport authorities to understand the potential impacts and timescales associated with a wide range of technologies. Thus there is a knowledge gap for authorities in understanding how to respond to and invest in the right technologies to deliver their preferred outcomes. Relevant emerging technologies are defined as follows:

  • Automation of vehicles
  • Information
  • Journey efficiency
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Safety
STTRIDE will review travellers' needs and understand the role of emerging technology in meeting those needs. The study will draw together disparate existing foresight research for fresh macroeconomic and impact analysis. STTRIDE will then provide a high level toolkit of investment options for authorities with a clear set of enablers, barriers, probable impacts and priorities which need to be considered. The project will also develop a European evaluation framework for consistent evidence collation of new technologies and pilot the viability of this approach before publishing guidance.

Work packages

WP1 Project Management – Leader TRL
WP2 Gathering evidence – Leader: VTT
WP3 Comparison of technologies – Leader: SP
WP4 Definition of an evaluation framework – Leader: TRL
WP5 STTRIDE Toolkit guidance for European road authorities – Leader: TRL

WP6 Dissemination – Leader: TRL

Key outputs

Summary of user needs

Outline of emerging technologies

Potential impact assessment report  

PESTLE matrix of barriers and potential enablers 

Common impact evaluation framework (publication)

Toolkit guidance for European road authorities 




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