TRL led the European Commission study known as T-MAPPER (Transport Measures and Policies to Promote Emission Reductions) to provide a comprehensive understanding of policies being enacted outside the EEA (European Economic Area) to mitigate transport emissions.

The challenge

The transport sector accounts for a fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions, and transport energy-related emissions are predicted to increase by 1.7 per cent per year to 2030. A large proportion of these emissions take place outside of Europe.

As well as providing information on policies outside the EEA, the study was tasked with recommending possible instruments to support the reduction or avoidance of increases in carbon emissions from transport in non-EEA countries.

Our approach

The information collected included the type of policy (planning, economic, regulatory, information, technology) and the main factors involved in implementing them. The identified policies were then assessed for:

  • Ability to support the "Avoid, Shift or Improve" strategy
  • Effectiveness at mitigating carbon (both through reducing moptorised transport activity and improving emission factors of vehicles and fuels
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Broader co-benefits (especially with regard to the creation of green jobs)
  • Key barriers towards implementation
  • Transferability to other parts of the world
  • Requirements for international support

The results

In total, we reviewed the policies of 20 countries and made recommendations to EU policy makers. We identified channels of support and funding opportunities as well as further steps for investigation and analysis.

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