Bus Safety Standard Pedal Indicator Light HMI

Published: Jan 2022

ISBN: 978-1-913246-17-4

Author: Kolby Pistak, Alix Edwards & Kirsten Huysamen

Pages: 38

Reference: PPR931


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Pedal Application Error refers to situations where the driver presses the accelerator when they think they are pressing the brake pedal, which leads to an unintended acceleration. It happens extremely rarely but carries a risk of very severe outcomes. It is very difficult to understand exactly what happens in these events, and drivers are unaware of their mistake. There are a variety of measures to help a driver place their foot correctly or recover from an unintended acceleration incident.

The Accelerator Light System (ALS) has been proposed as a solution to combat this by providing feedback to the bus driver as to which pedal they are pressing; assisting them in identifying potential pedal application errors. This was suggested with the hope it would assist in faster recovery in instances of pedal confusion. The aim of this study was to determine and standardise an appropriate method of warning bus drivers that they were engaging the accelerator pedal.

A review of the relevant national and international standards was conducted to identify the design stipulations and restrictions that apply to bus warning icons. Following this, bus manufacturers were engaged to discuss the design restrictions of their current bus cabs and the associated Human Machine Interface (HMI). From this information, several design solutions were developed, where bus manufacturers were asked to comment on the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions, and the bus drivers were asked, by means of a survey, to provide feedback on the proposed solutions. The final solution was determined from the results obtained from the bus manufacturer and bus driver engagement.

The bus drivers rated Design 2 as the most preferred and intuitive solution and the bus manufacturers showed a clear preference for implementing the solution into the programmable driver information screen the highest. The report sets out the recommendations for the HMI of the icon, and the selected design.

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