Bus Safety Standards

Published: Oct 2018

ISBN: 978-1-912433-62-9

Author: TRL and TfL

Pages: 24

Reference: PPR872


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The goal of the Bus Safety Standard research was to develop an independent standard and framework for assessing the safety of TfL’s buses. Bringing all the safety measures together and ensuring that they work in a complimentary manner was complex. The BSS programme has delivered innovative research into new areas of bus safety.

The BSS is intended to be a rolling programme, so this initial large programme of research is just the starting point for TfL. Testing and trials will continue to investigate the capability of new technologies and bus features via the Bus Safety Innovation Challenge. The specifications will be updated regularly to keep extending the preventative and protective benefits of these and future safety measures on buses. The roadmap will be updated to help inform the bus industry of these forthcoming requirements.

Strong steps towards safer buses for London are achievable through this world-leading Bus Safety Standard, which we hope will be taken up by other safety-conscious transport authorities, bus manufacturers and operators wherever they are based across the globe.

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