CVEI - D6.1 Fleet Study Report

Published: May 2019


Author: Jim Chappell, Alan West, Stephen Skippon, Paul Wilkinson, Morag White, Steve Willis

Pages: 77



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This report represents Deliverable D6.1, Fleet Study Report. Little is known about the attitudes of Light Duty fleet operators to Plug-in Vehicle (PiV) adoption or PiV use; published research has been very limited. This report is intended to inform appropriate sensitivity analyses to be conducted in the Modelling and System Analysis work package (WP7), based on in-depth qualitative insights into the processes influencing vehicle choice, and likely charging profiles, in those categories of Fleets where PiV uptake could potentially have most impact on the wider energy system. The report summarises the methods employed and the findings from five individual case studies, and provides: a synthesis of insights gained across the case studies considered collectively; answers to the research questions defined in the Fleet Study design; and evidence-based conclusions from the Fleet Study with regard to how the findings have advanced understanding of Fleets, their potential impact on the energy system and integration into it (based on qualitative data), and therefore what the new state-of-the-art understanding of this area is.

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