Evidence review – Use of red flashing lamps on roadside recovery vehicles

Published: Apr 2024


ISBN: 978-1-913246-99-0

Author: Claudia Geitner, Boris But, Murray Collins, Jonathon Kent, Shaun Helman, Malcolm Palmer

Pages: 71

Reference: PPR971


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The Department for Transport required a review of available evidence, in the context of the existing regulations on red flashing lamps, to determine whether a more flexible approach might be appropriate to their use by road recovery operators. This review considered existing evidence and identified more recent research to assess whether there are potential benefits and any detrimental effects on road safety. The review included a literature search, media trawl and stakeholder interviews. An Initial Regulatory Impact Assessment compared four options against the default do nothing option. The results from the review include recommendations and identified potential limitations of the increased use of red flashing lamps

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