Forensic Examination of Critical Special Geotechnical Measures: Gravity Block Wall Information Note

Published: Jun 2022

ISBN: 978-1-915227-19-5

Author: M G Winter (Winter Associates Limited), M Duffy-Turner (Coffey Geotechnics Ltd) and I M Nettleton (Coffey Geotechnics Ltd)

Pages: 38

Reference: PPR1035


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The effective design, specification and construction of Special Geotechnical Measures (SGMs) is critical to the efficient operation of the National Highways Strategic Road Network (SRN). Given the required performance of the SRN in terms of resilience, reliability, redundancy and recovery it is essential that SGMs are themselves reliable in terms of performance and life; resilient to external conditions such as earthworks deterioration and extraordinary conditions (e.g. climate change). Around 100 different types of SGMs are used on the SRN and the early installations of some SGMs are approaching the end of their design life and the design, specification and application of many of these techniques is based on limited studies. This Information Note on Block Walls is part of a series that reports on investigations of specific SGMs and makes recommendations on their future use.

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