HGV and LGV frontal shunts on the SRN - Phase 1

Published: Jul 2021


Author: C Wallbank, L Verwey, J Hammond, B Opie, V Pyta, C Collis & J Hitchings

Pages: 131

Reference: MIS049


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One of the most common collision types identified for commercial vehicles on the Strategic Road Network (SRN) is frontal shunt collisions, where the front of the HGV or LGV impacts the rear of another vehicle. This project aims to understand the root causes of these collisions (Phase 1 –this report) and identify countermeasures or interventions which could help to prevent them in the future (Phase 2). The causes identified span a number of categories: a large proportion of the causes relate to the behaviour of the HGV/LGV drivers, but other factors including the vehicles, other road users, the road/environment and organisational factors also play their part.

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