In-Depth Investigation of E-Scooter Performance

Published: Jan 2023


ISBN: 978-1-915227-28-7

Author: Eyers V, Parry I, Zaid M

Pages: 33

Reference: ACA104


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Use of e-scooters is increasing and with it, the numbers of collisions involving the devices. This study aimed to investigate the ‘real world’ capabilities of privately owned e-scooters to provide reference data which can be used for reconstructing collisions involving them. Using a sample of donated devices in used condition, the acceleration, deceleration, speed and handling characteristics of privately owned devices likely to be encountered in collision reconstructions were investigated.

The study has produced a set of reasonable reference data that can be referred to in reconstructions of collisions, relating to acceleration, deceleration and average speed, where consistent results were identified. Relevant observations were also highlighted relating to stability and handling, general device characteristics, and condition, which will be worthy of consideration when investigating e-scooter collisions.

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