Innovative monitoring strategies for managing hazardous slopes

Published: Aug 2020

ISBN: 978-1-913246-47-1

Author: Rupert Bainbridge (Newcastle University), Stuart Dunning (Newcastle University) and Michael Lim (Northumbria University)

Pages: 27

Reference: PPR963


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The aim of the Innovative Monitoring Strategies project has been to implement a novel multilevel modular monitoring system to detect landslide activity prior to, during and after landslide events. Through this research, new monitoring techniques have been developed and deployed at the A83 Glasgow–Argyll road at the “Rest and Be Thankful” (RaBT); the RaBT is perhaps the most challenging site managed by Transport Scotland where steep slopes above the road are susceptible to repeated landslides. Some of the tested technologies are found to be operationally ready and of clear and cost-effective benefit and hence are recommended for immediate implementation, whilst others are likely to yield valuable new monitoring data with further development/research phases prior to becoming operational options.

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