Monitoring and evaluation of the TfWM Mobility Credits Trial in Coventry

Published: Mar 2024

Citation: https://10.58446/nutr1218


Author: Alice Holcombe, Bharti Gupta, Conor Baverstock, Sritika Chowdhury, George Beard

Pages: 140

Reference: PPR2032


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TRL was commissioned to evaluate the Coventry Mobility Credits scheme on behalf of Transport for West Midlands. Participants of the scheme exchanged eligible polluting vehicles for £3,000 of Mobility Credits to be used on transport services in Coventry. Participants were asked to complete surveys at three timepoints during their participation, when they registered, during their participation and when exiting the scheme, to gain insight into their use of credits, their satisfaction with the scheme and future travel intentions. Non-participants were also included in the research, to understand reasons for not taking part in the scheme. The results show the transport modes used, the impact of Covid-19, vehicle ownership and perceptions of the scheme. The report concludes with recommendations for future similar schemes.

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