New Mobility

Published: Mar 2021

ISBN: 978-1-913246-54-9

Author: Dr. George Beard

Pages: 29

Reference: ACA015


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TRL’s vision for new mobility is a transport system that provides better choice and access for everyone, serving as an enabler for better outcomes across these areas. In practice new mobility refers to a range of existing and emerging transport modes, services and technologies that have potential to provide a compelling alternative to the motor vehicle. At its core, new mobility is about rebalancing the movement of both people and goods away from single occupancy, inefficient, fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

Research priorities

TRL has a deep technical understanding of New Mobility solutions and their potential to drive meaningful societal benefits. Our internationally recognised team of scientists, researchers and consultants is supporting the New Mobility revolution across a range of areas:

  1. Understanding the needs and motivations of users to ensure new mobility is suitable for everyone and successfully drives the right changes in behaviour.
  2. Driving evidence-based development of clear, appropriate and flexible policy, standards and regulation to enable new mobility.
  3. Understanding how to adapt, optimise and future proof our built environment so that it supports changing mobility needs and patterns
  4. Leading robust trials of new mobility modes, services, technologies and infrastructure and evaluating the impacts.  

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