Perceptions of compliance and enforcement on the Strategic Road Network: Focus groups and interviews

Published: Aug 2020

ISBN: 978-1-913246-39-6

Author: Sharp R, Wells H, Fernández Medina K and Helman S

Pages: 52

Reference: PPR954


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To improve customer experience, satisfaction and safety, Highways England commissioned TRL to provide an in-depth understanding of customers’ perceptions, attitudes and experiences of compliance and enforcement on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). TRL conducted five focus groups and four semi-structured telephone interviews with a total of 34 drivers, each belonging to one of the following groups: young drivers, experienced drivers, vocational drivers, those who had been convicted of driving offences and low confidence SRN drivers. During the focus groups and interviews, participants discussed their perceptions and experiences of driving behaviours and enforcement methods, and the roles of, and their experiences of, ‘capable guardians’ (the police, Highways England traffic officers, Highways England as an organisation and cameras).

Various themes emerged from the focus groups and interviews data, which were used to suggest a set of key topics and constructs to be reflected in a quantitative survey tool; this tool will allow Highways England to continue to measure customers’ experiences, attitudes and perceptions of compliance and enforcement on the SRN.

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