Review and update of the asPECT carbon footprinting tool

Published: Jul 2020


ISBN: 978-1-913246-45-7

Author: S Reeves, A Hewitt, A Pepler

Pages: 55

Reference: PPR960


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The asphalt Pavement Embodied Carbon Tool (asPECT) is a carbon footprinting tool for asphalt road pavements. It was first developed in 2009 as part of a programme of work funded by the collaborative research programme, funded jointly by Highways England, the Mineral Products Association and Eurobitume UK and was updated in 2014. This report summarises a review of asPECT, funded by the same organisations, covering the constants used in the tool and the way in which the tool deals with the allocation of the benefits of utilising recycled materials. The report also reviews how carbon and life cycle analysis (LCA) tools are used in several other countries and considers the potential of converting asPECT into an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) generator.

The tool is available here. 

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