Road Condition Monitoring Data - Network Study

Published: Apr 2024

Citation: 10.58446/mdft1813


Author: Alex Wright and Stuart Brittain

Pages: 75

Reference: PPR2042


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In England, Local Authorities provide network-level Road Condition Monitoring (RCM) data to the Department for Transport each year, so that the DfT can publish annual official statistics for road condition in England (national reporting). Whilst a regime has been in place to collect this data since 2009, during this period significant progress has been made in the development of new and alternative technologies for the collection of data. This provides an opportunity to reconsider the approach taken to the collection and reporting of condition on the local road network, for both local and national reporting. The transition to a new regime is to be achieved via the introduction of a Publicly Available Standard (PAS 2161). This report describes a network study carried out to provide insight on the collection of RCM data, to support the development of the PAS. The study has compared the data provided by RCM technologies on a study network with benchmark data  provided by engineers’ surveys. The work has assisted in the development of definitions for a new set of condition categories that will be deployed for national reporting (in the PAS), established an understanding the data provided by current systems and the comparability of the condition categories reported, and insight into the implications for achieving consistency in a future PAS compliant data collection regime.

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