Safer and Cleaner Vehicles in the Global South

Published: Apr 2024


ISBN: 978-1-915227-25-6

Author: Dr Mervyn Edwards, Dr Phil Martin, Dr Alix Edwards, Matthias Seidl

Pages: 19

Reference: ACA102


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A major challenge for countries in the Global South is motorisation management, which is essential to help tackle the high and rising number of road casualties, and to reducing emissions for combatting climate change. Whilst improving the safety of vehicles is a key pillar in a safe system approach to help solve this problem, ideally actions to ensure that they are also cleaner and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner at their end of life should be taken simultaneously to help address the global planetary challenges of climate change and pollution.

Given that the majority of vehicles in Global South countries are used vehicles imported from High-Income Countries (HICs), current efforts are focused of measures to help ensure only safe and clean vehicles are imported. However, ;implementation of measures is challenging because vehicle emissions are dependent on the quality of fuel used and related somewhat to their safety levels. Through its work with a wide variety of stakeholders, TRL has vast experience in road safety across all pillars of the safe system approach and expertise in delivering programs to address complex challenges such as these. Our framework can help countries of the global south to manage vehicle entry to the stock, their active service, and their exit at end of life.

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