a magnetically suspended vehicle

Published: Jan 1977

ISBN: 0305-1315

Author: Linder, D,Goodall, RM

Pages: 16

Reference: SR300


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this report consists of two papers which were presented to the conference "advances in magnetic materials and their applications" held at the institute of electrical engineers, london during september 1976. the first paper outlines the design and testing of an experimental 50 km/h, 2.7 tonne vehicle with dc attraction magnetic suspension. the suspension, propulsion and braking and power-supply systems are described and comments are made on the test track and dynamic test rigs used and on the suspension performance, energy use and noise levels of the vehicle. the second paper discusses the suspension and guidance control system in more detail and describes the filters and transducers used. the authors suggest that the design could be extended to a bogie system with conventional or magnetic secondary suspension for use at high speeds.(a)

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