The Digital Evolution of Highway Infrastructure Asset Management

Published: Jul 2022

ISBN: 978-1-913246-80-8

Author: Sukalpa Biswas, Dr Alex Wright

Pages: 11

Reference: ACA021


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The last decade has seen a very gradual change at a local network level in the methods used to collect data from Highways Infrastructure Assets, how to manage and operate Assets, a change in the way those Assets are used, and the way they are maintained and constructed. This change is largely driven by digital technology improvements. This evolution has also created uncertainty around Highways Asset Management processes. The sector is now at a point where there is an imminent requirement for transition from “Traditional” to “Intelligent” styles of Asset Management. While the strategic network operators have been invested in this transformation for some time, Local Road operators are being left behind. In this paper TRL identifies some of the key actions required for local highways managers to successfully achieve this transition to digital, and in so doing realise the benefits of the digital evolution of highways Asset Management. Dr Sukalpa Biswas and Dr Alex Wright touch on the factors influencing the changes, identify the novel technologies having the greatest impact, and set out five essential steps for Asset owners to consider on their journey to Intelligent Asset Management. This is accompanied by specific practical actions required of each type of stakeholder (Asset Owners, Technology & Software Providers, Standards & Legislative Authorities).

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