The Transport for London Bus Safety Standard:Camera Monitoring System

Published: Aug 2022

ISBN: 978-1-913246-14-3

Author: Kirsten Huysamen, Robert Hunt, Phil Martin, Kolby Pistak, Alix Edwards

Pages: 58

Reference: PPR930


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The Bus Safety Standard launched in October 2018 made a camera monitoring system (CMS) a requirement for new buses from 2021. Transport for London and various bus operators are also considering a retrofit of this system on to existing buses in the fleet.

This safety measure means that the mirrors are substituted by CMS, provided they comply with the relevant regulations. CMS is a combination of cameras placed outside the bus with corresponding monitors installed inside the cab. This approach removes the risk of a mirror hitting a pedestrian or infrastructure, as well as potentially reducing blind spots and assisting drivers by improving hazard perception. However, as the replacement of driving mirrors with CMS is a fairly new concept, the effect on driver workload and behaviour is not yet well understood, and there may be risks if drivers do not find the system natural to use.

This study has extended the CMS research to fill the gaps in the knowledge regarding the positioning of the monitors, and to develop a set of recommendations for where the monitors should be positioned.

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