What is needed to achieve mass-market adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in the UK?

Published: Nov 2018


ISBN: 978-1-912433-46-9

Author: G Beard, N Kinnear, S Skippon and H Al-Katib

Pages: 6

Reference: ACA006


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For years, the car has been our primary mode of transportation, and we doubt that will change; but what is changing is the way our cars are powered. With the move to fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, projects such as CVEI are vitally important to demonstrate not only how the mass market will adapt to the switch, but how we can create an effective charging infrastructure in an efficient and managed way. The CVEI project is investigating the challenges and opportunities involved in transitioning to a secure and sustainable low carbon vehicle fleet. The project explores how the integration of vehicles with the energy supply systems can benefit vehicle users, vehicle manufacturers and those involved in the supply of energy. This report assess the need for electric vehicles, how we predict mass-market adoption and discusses the findings from the first stage of the research project.

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