• roadworks signs in a busy road


Delays from street works cost the economy around £4.3 billion per year. We researched and evaluated innovative techniques to cut down on congestion and speed up the completion of road works, which have now been launched to improve the driver experience.

The Challenge

Our focus was to explore technologies and products that could reduce the time that a carriageway is unavailable due to roadworks. Our team was to look at temporary covers and backfill solutions so roadworks could be halted for short periods at peak times, allowing the road to be re-opened to traffic. We also investigated rapid cure materials that would allow roadworks to be completed quicker.

Our Approach

We formed a cross discipline group representing government, utility companies, health and safety, manufacturing and highways authorities. This collaborative approach stimulated discussion and innovation. We established technical working groups to identify appropriate product manufacturers and technologies and ensure that the testing demonstrated that the methods were safe, beneficial and suitable for highway works. Our relationship with manufacturers was critical to the success of the project. To succeed we needed to work in partnership with these companies to develop, test and modify different products and materials that could be suitable for highway works.

The Results

Using the information and findings from our research, a series of seven Traffic Advisory Leaflets were created for utility companies and highway authorities. They contain detailed information for road workers about the innovative methods and techniques we had tested and recommended instructions for use and when to use them to prevent congestion build up at roadworks. Further work on concrete materials continues.

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