At major road works, road markings often need to be removed or masked and temporary markings provided. Temporary markings associated with the provision of speed cameras can also be required at road works. The ease and success of the application, removal and the durability of temporary road markings has always been subject to the nature of the road surface and the weather conditions. However, recent developments in surfacing materials have added another level of complexity to these processes. The new EU Standard on marking materials has also complicated the specification of products. In response to these concerns, a working group was convened comprising representatives from the Highways Agency, Department for Transport, Traffic Management Contractors Association (TMCA), Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA), Reflective Equipment Manufacturers Association (REMA) and TRL Limited to investigate current issues relating to temporary road markings. This document deals with the findings of the Working Group and is intended to provide guidance for designers in their choice and specification of temporary road markings, and for practitioners on issues relating to the application, maintenance and removal of temporary road markings at road works.

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