Papers in the Annual Research Review, 2004, include: ‘Modelling the time dependent behaviour of asphalt and pavement permanent deformation under a rolling wheel’ by Kamal Nesnas and Mike Nunn; ‘Managing skidding resistance – A review of the strategy for UK trunk roads’ by Helen Viner, Martin Greene and Tony Parry; ‘Improving transport access and mobility for people with disabilities in the developing world’ by David Maunder, Christo Venter, Tom Rickert and Joanne Sentinella; ‘Predicting the performance of roads for improving investment in road infrastructure ‘ by Greg Morosiuk and John Rolt; ‘Application of the boundary element method to the design of transport noise mitigation measures’ by Phil Morgan and Greg Watts; ‘What has happened with car occupant and motorcyclist deaths in Great Britain?’ by Jeremy Broughton; ‘The application of cost-benefit assessment to intelligent transport systems’ by Alan Stevens; Faster stops for London’s buses?’ by Iain York and Claire Vance.

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